9-03-07: First Photo-A-Day entry.

4 09 2007

P-A-D Number one.

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So, It’s been a little while since I posted. Nothing new in my life. But I’m trying to stick to this goal. I may just take a picture right here. At this spot. Every. Single. Day. For a year. See how much it changes. That’d be nice . Yeah, I’d like that. I took this picture because I thought the rain in the distance was nice. Also, it was 109 degrees when I took it. And it never rained at my house or job (15 miles from this spot).

So, yeah. My A/C is borked in my house. It’s fucking hot. Really hot. Like, a million degrees. Not fun to sleep in. And then, I go to work and I work outside. I ride a bicycle all day. That is very hot as well. I think the heat is making me type like a 6 year old. “I like that. It is nice. You are pretty. I like you.” Talk about simple language, yeah?


People are bastards

26 08 2007

What is it with people just being fucking stupid? I don’t know if it’s because of the job I do, I don’t know if it’s because of the people I deal with, but people are just… fucktarded. Seriously.

For example; If someone of authority, even some shitty-ass security guard, were to ask you to leave an area, why wouldn’t you just DO it? You don’t have to be civil to them. You don’t even have to agree. But wouldn’t you do it? I would. Shit, I would’ve when I didn’t “know better.” Instead, 9 times out of 10, people want to be douchenozzles about it. “You’re discriminating against me because I have tattoos!” Motherfucker… I have fuckin’ 3 big ass visible tattoos on my right fucking arm. Most of the people I work with have tattoos. “You’re discriminating against me because I’m (insert race here)!” Today just happened to be “because I’m Mexican!” Shitbag… the guy yelling at you (my boss) is more Mexican than you are, punto. Fuck. I seriously hate people sometimes. So after all is said and done, after 6 more of us, all fairly large dudes with guns, tell these people to get out… Now we verbally assaulted the bitch. Jesus christ. I didn’t curse at you, I didn’t call you names, I should have told you to put your big ol’ nasty fuckin’ titties away, but I didn’t. Instead, I placated the shit out of you, tried to make you happy, and you still bitched. Fuck off. And all at the beginning of a long ass 10 hour Saturday night shift. As if I didn’t have enough drunk idiots to deal with.

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25 08 2007

You ever feel just sorta… lost? Not lost as in, “What am I gonna do with my life.” Not that kind of lost. Just sort of… drifting. Like nothing you’re doing at the present time is permanent or has any substance. Like you’re just sailing along. Not to fast, not to slow. Just… at a pause.

Fuck that was a lot of ellipsis in one paragraph. Anyhow, what I’m trying to say is this; I need to set goals for myself. Personal goals. Long term goals. Goals that have nothing to with anything and goals that have something to do with everything.

So here’s my first goal. It’s a small one. But I have to do it. It will let me know that I can stick to one damn thing for any length of time at all. Like a normal, non-fucked-up human should, right? I’m going to start a “Photo a Day” blog over at Flickr. I will do this. I need to. I don’t have a great camera, just a little point and shoot Canon SD450. But it will work. Maybe if I do this, and am able to start taking some good pictures, I can really get involved in art.

Good. That’s settled. Now I can sleep. Everyone (no one?) have a pleasant weekend.


24 08 2007

Fuck! I’m going crazy with the amount of fitteds coming out. Check the usual places to see what I’m talking about.

If you don’t know the usual places, a shitload of them are in my del.icio.us links. Which will also give you time to tag me, right?

By the way… I want a million and a half fitteds, but I just bought this little beasty from 10.DEEP. Dammit!


Look at the back of ‘im! Fuck! Awesome!

More pics of fitteds after the link

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The Jena 6

23 08 2007

In my quest to find the perfect fitted, I have stumbled across a story that just pisses me off.

Sneakerboxxx’s post on The Jena 6

This has everything to do with race. Everything. One little shit town in the middle of buttfuck nowhere can’t seem to get out of the past. I hate shit like this. Racism bothers the fuck outta me, and I see it everyday. And I live in California. A “tolerant” state. There shouldn’t BE any need for tolerance. Can’t we all just see through the bullshit and know that we’re all fucking people? No white, no black, no bullshit. Just people. This shit pisses me right the fuck off… I’m gonna stop now.

Just a little note on why you should be watching Entourage

23 08 2007

Jeremy Piven. Enough said

Taken from 21st Century Hustle who took it from Young Global

A list of films

23 08 2007

Below is a list of films I think everyone should see. Not that my opinions matter, or anything…
Also, they’re all encoded in links to IMDB. Aren’t you lucky?



Requiem for a Dream



A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

25th Hour

When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts

Jisatsu Saakuru (Suicide Club)

Ôdishon (Audition)

Koroshiya 1 (Ichi the Killer)

Natural Born Killers

21 Grams

The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada

Hard Candy


I’ll save the rest for another post. By the way, I tried to omit any mega-releases, even ones that I enjoyed. Keep that in mind.